This Week's Most Requested Song - Franchise TYG - Ice On Me (Remix) (feat. Rory Fresco)

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By slayday, Nov 11 2020 02:07PM

Mygrane The Beast is known for his energetic music style that he calls “Beast Music”. Mygrane The Beast has worked with artists, and producers around the world. He started his music career in Texas where he was the only one known as Mygrane. When he moved to Atlanta, The Beast was born.

While on tour his manager, Nate, also known as Okinawa Slim, introduced him as Mygrane The Beast, and the name stuck. His newest project ‘Unleash The Beast’ features some of his unreleased songs, along with smash hits. He is on a mission to take his style, Beast Music, to greater heights.

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By slayday, Nov 9 2020 04:08PM

Samuel Lavon is an artist originally from Statesboro, Georgia. Music has always been his passion since he was a little boy. He sung in talent shows growing up, has been on numerous auditions but it was hard for his family to support his dreams because of financial hardships. Being from a small town, there wasn't many outlets for him to receive exposure. It was not until he left home at the age of 18 that his musical journey started when he moved to Atlanta, Georgia.

Needless to say that things didn't fall into place there either. After about 8 years of living there, Samuel Lavon moved to Austin, Texas where he found his producer Kris Keyz and has been working with him ever since. Samuel Lavon's goal is to be the voice of those who feel invisible and use it as a strength through his music. His greatest strength is INVISIBILITY because no one will ever see him coming!

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By slayday, Sep 22 2020 06:58PM


Houston has yet to feel the effects of one of it's finest. Baby 9 reigns from Houston's Southside where the unforgiving streets gives a voice to his unique and distinctive lyricism. Baby 9's effortless style gives listeners a dynamic experience each time he graces the mic. Houston has been awaiting an artist such as Baby 9 to finesse the game. That time is now.

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By slayday, Sep 8 2020 10:13PM

Decio is a multitalented and self-taught musician/producer from El Dorado, South Arkansas. He has a further portrayed artistic skill in graphics design, music promotion, and a renowned reputation in clothing line expertise.

-The Gifted innovationist has stood an active ground in promoting hit across all mobile music platforms with over 50,000+ listeners in every continent every month. A few of his latest hits and Productions Include Plays, Do Better featuring Joeazzy, #MyReUp, Pretty Brown, How Its Done, Fareal, and the very popular Taliban featuring Reese and Yae Marley.

In a recent post from his social media Page, Decio expressed his last month’s hits to be a glance into his latest hits to be anticipated. This indeed, has left fans more curious and surprised.

Decio has also filled his roles in every endeavor through maintaining not only a standard but reliable clothing line enterprise and an active designer career. This he used as a medium to prove that hard work and skill act alike when put in a good display. However, he remained relentless in all other areas of life as a model of talent and excellent time user. Decio is the producer every Label desires!

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