This Week's Most Requested Song - Franchise TYG - Ice On Me (Remix) (feat. Rory Fresco)

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By slayday, Jan 8 2021 01:32AM

Hailing from D.C, Kashious is a singer/songwriter, producer, and self-proclaimed one man band. The talented multi-intrumentalist writes, produces, and sings songs spanning and effortlessly blending the genres of R&B, Jazz, Hiip Hop, Blues, and Soul.

Kashious is currently in the studio perfecting his rendition of the Teddy Pendergrass classic, "Close the Door". A fitting endeavor for Kashious whose, powerfully stirring yet piercingly accurate voice, has earned some well-deserveed comparisons to legendary greats such as Luther Vandross & Marvin Gaye. Much like his previous works "Time & Lov'z Eternal", this beautifully arranged remake is sure to be a fan favorite!

Kashious, a naturally gifted vocalist, was born into a musically inclined family. His mother and siblings all shared their love of music, both, in the home and at church. Early on, Kashious' style was influenced by BB King, Ernie Isley, Marvin Gaye, & Aaron Neville. A self-taught musician, he learned to play guitar by listening to their music over & over until he could play the chords perfectly. Applying that same self-discipline, he learned to play the drums, bass, & keyboard thereafter.

After spending over 15 years in Colorado, in 2005 Kashious was encouraged by his family to relocate to San Diego, Ca. to pursue his dream. It wasn't long before Kashious partnered with Rusty Gordon, a producer who believed in his immense talent & knew that the world needed to hear his music. Gordon, acting as a catalyst, challenged Kashious artistically. The musical bond fostered in 2006 marked the beginning of a successful artist/producer relationship that continues today. Kashious' growth as an artist is endearing & undeniable to listeners around the world.

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By slayday, Jan 6 2021 05:15PM

Previously a member of 'Gwap Boys' in Colonial Beach, Gwa-La has launched his solo career with the support of his new record label 'Don't Lose it Records'. Becoming increasingly confident with his songwriting talents, he has submitted music to Revolt TV and is preparing for the big launch of his solo career with his debut single.

This is an emcee with substance. He doesn’t want to get wrapped up in pain and suffering anymore. Dealing with petty beef is becoming tiresome, this young musician just want to make music, get rich and live far away from toxic people. This is a fair call and sounds good to this writer.

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By slayday, Jan 6 2021 02:56PM

$imp is a term for someone being loving and affectionate towards someone versus Pimp being the direct opposite by using a relationship only to benefit themselves. Even with the album being only seven songs, the transitions, instrumentation and lyrics showed that this two year in the making project took time and effort to construct.

The Intro (Circles), being a love letter about his relationship with God. Then jumping to Red Wine Mood/White Wine Mood which is a hot/cold metaphor in the project showing how someone’s actions in their love life can change overnight. vENTING is one of 301Wheel$’s favorite tracks from the album. It displays him as being transparent and pouring his concerns and heart out. Physical (Interlude) directly embodies the pimp side of the album on how he is straight forward with what he wants out of a specific relationship.

Moon shows 301’s soft side and his affection for someone who is there in the darkest times and brings light. He constantly explains how he is there to give consistent effort towards women mentally, spiritually and physically. Lastly, to end the album with WYWG, this is the most simp song on the project. It shows how he cares for a specific woman so much that he would still be there for her even if the relationship wouldn’t work.

The album is available on all music platforms. Listen to the album on iTunes.

By slayday, Dec 29 2020 06:46PM

Get ready to see more from the DC universe, ’cause Warner Bros. is planning to debut six superhero movies a year. On Dec. 27, Warner Bros. president Walter Hamada revealed to the New York Times that starting in 2022, the company will be releasing up to four DC titles in theaters and two feature films for HBO Max annually.

According to Hamada, “the most expensive” DC films are designed for theater releases, while less costly, riskier titles like Batgirl and Toxic Shock will drop exclusively on the streaming service. The company will also develop various DC TV series for HBO Max that will “interconnect” with the big-screen releases.

The news comes just a few weeks after Disney announced a slate of new Marvel movies and shows on its Investor Day on Dec. 11. While we already have DC’s The Batman, The Flash, Aquaman 2, and Shazam 2 to look forward to in 2022, we can’t wait to see what else is to come for our favorite DC heroes.

By slayday, Dec 29 2020 06:45PM

Designed to be a place where Peter Pan would have loved to live in, the sprawling 2,700 acres property belonging to the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson, has found new owners. Famously known as the Neverland Ranch, Jackson lived in the estate before passing away due to “acute propofol intoxication” as reported by the Los Angeles County Coroner in 2009.

Jackson first bought the land for $19.5mil and have built up various amenities including a zoo, railway and an amusement park, in addition to the 12,500 square-foot main residence. The entire place was like a fantasy land that children would want to spend their time in the entire day. Since the pop star died, Neverland Ranch has been renamed as Sycamore Valley Ranch and was listed for sale on the market for an asking price of $100mil in 2015 but eventually, the price dropped to only $31mil in 2019.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the property was sold for $22mil to billionaire businessman Ron Burke, who was an associate to Jackson and co-founder of investment firm Yucaipa Companies. Burke is also the co-owner of Soho House, a swanky private members club that has operations in 27 countries.

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